The Arcanauts is a spiritually oriented, psychedelic Jazz and Funk band.   The band was founded by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist David Andrew Moore.  Moore founded the band with intentions of creating the kinds of music he liked as a vehicle to express the spiritual path he is walking.

In 2019, the band released their first EP, Initiation. Informed by the symbolism  and numeric formulations of Western Mystery Tradition, Initiation laid the tracks for the musical direction that The Arcanauts would take over the next couple years; original jazz heavily influenced by post bop, early fusion and the psychedelia informed jazz of the late 60’s.

On the band’s second release, The Hermit,  the Arcanauts musical pallet expanded to include rhythms and forms more closely associated with funk, disco and the post disco era.  The EP featured several special guest including vocalist Robbie Pate, and legendary Motown session guitarist Wali Ali.

The band is currently working on their next EP, which will feature compositions by the other members of the band as well as all new special guests.



The Arcanauts are:

Joe Albano — woodwinds

Greg Toro — basses

Tom Dowd — guitars

Evan Waaramaa — Keyboards

David Andrew Moore — drums, percussion and additional keyboards